Project Management Services

The firm also has keen interest in Managing Construction projects. We have offered these services to some of our Clients who have found our advice very helpful. Our skills and competences in project Management include the following; Preparation of a comprehensive construction project brief, showing the required facilities to be accommodated in the proposed project with their respective square areas and standard design parameters. Organising and coordinating the receipt and management of the Project Stakeholders expectations, after which drawing up strategies of how these will be achieved during the project planning and execution stages. Carrying out feasibility studies for Construction investment projects to ascertain the rate of return on investment, payback period and project profitability index. Project Integration Management  preparation of a Project charter, project statement of work, examining the project selection criteria, developing a preliminary project scope statement and finally developing a Project plan. Project scope management planning the project scope; creating a scope management plan that clearly indicates the procedure of how changes on the project will be handled so as to ensure minimum effect on the planned project time table and budgets; defining the required project deliverables. Project time management -defining the project activities; decomposing work packages; creating project schedules; determining required time lags and lead times developing a mechanism allowing for evaluation of the Project progress, estimation of contract time left to completion in relation to work volumes still outstanding on a project. Preparation of tender documents, supervision of Bids receipt, opening and evaluation to select Best Evaluated Bidder, including the writing of Bid evaluation reports for consideration and final decision by the Client.
Developing most suited criteria for Bid evaluation, their hierarchy and marks to be awarded to each criterion, how each bidder's strengths and weaknesses are evaluated.