Centre for Excellence Design Project Handed Over to Nnabagereka


The department of Architecture and physical planning of Makerere University have handed over a design project of the Royal Centre for Excellence to the Nnabagereka of Buganda Sylivia Nagginda at a ceremony held at Bulange Mmengo. Speaking at the handover, Nnabagereka Syliva Nagginda said, often unfolding this great idea of The Royal Enclosure opens avenues for many to be part of a team of visionaries that will pioneer innovation in a way of pre-empting present-day world challenges by building transformative leadership, mentorship, entrepreneurship and excellence amongst the young generation.

“Nnabagereka Development Foundation and Buganda Kingdom, we value culture as a form of expression that unites us as a people. We value the creativity and innovation of our own people, we hold dear the promotion of African ideas and cherish harmonizing of traditional and modernity as a way to ensuring sustainable development” .she added Nnabagereka implored upon the public to come and join her in creating the 1st ever leadership centre of excellence that uses culture as a theory of change.

On behalf of the Katikkiro, the 2nd deputy Katikkiro and minister for culture, heritage and tourism revealed that the Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka project is one of the most successful projects of Buganda Kingdom. He said the Transcending Time project is promising and will help to maintain the cultural norms and values of Buganda. The design has been created by James Kalyango a student of Makerere University Department of Architect under the umbrella of SASA.

The Royal Centre of Excellence will be located in Ssisa Wakiso District.

The Nnabagereka Development Foundation aspires to create a centre of Excellence that allows for all-year round Ekisaakaate Kya Nnabagereka programmes. The center shall use culture as a positive element to nurture and incubate practical non-academic social skills development and entrepreneurship that are essential elements in the contemporary world. The facility addresses practical training and theoretical learning spaces, sports and recreation grounds, accommodation units, staff and administration offices, multipurpose performance hall, amphitheaters, dispensary, farm, kitchen and dining space.

Design Aspiration: Ideologically derived, the design intends to recreate and transcending the users through various timelines that Buganda experienced as a Kingdom and their impact on society. Standing tall, the building volume initially captures traditional Buganda as a prime Kingdom over the times. Then progressively breaks down into the vast open landscape reflecting on the abolition of monarchies in Uganda, an enduring Kingdom from 1966 to 1993, to the rebirth and rise of a once flourishing Kingdom. Thus the building’s growth thereafter depicts an opportunity to once again practice a rich cultural heritage extensively under the leadership of a restored royal Kingship.

Total construction cost of the entire project is estimated between US$ 10,000,000 to US$ 12,000,000.

Source: http://buganda.or.ug/index.php/news/500-centre-for-excellence-design-project-handed-over-to-nnabagereka